Wolf who cried Boy.

Biting her tongue,
Hunger snapped back,
Blood taste biter,
When seasoned in deceit.

Change everything, 
Shed thoust skin, 
Slithering across the floor,
Feels strange when you’ve grown a spine. 
Stand upright,
No longer a cub.

Scarier than the kill itself, 
Prayer for the boy.

The Wolf waits,
The snow falls in perfect symmetry.
Blanketing death in a beautiful white sheet.

Outgrowing his own charade of change.
The boy appears.
Blinded to the wolf's proximity. 

Blood upon his lips as well,
cracked from the widening mouth,
Out pours of pleads.

The boy begins again,
“WOLF” he cries.
No one comes.
“WOLF” he screams waving his hands.
No one sees.
“WOLF” He pleads.

With great sadness, 
She did as summoned.
She cried for the boy.


How truly deep in despair,
To call for her so many nights.
Blood on her snout she howls.

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